Duh Magazine is a creative playground dedicated to the freelance world. The inspiration for Duh was forged by all the creative individuals we have come in contact with over the years in the fashion industry. We are inspired by the unsung heroes  that are working tenaciously day in and day out developing clothing lines, fashion blogs, editorial content, beauty brands, imagery, photos, and reporting on trends.   Our agenda is non-specific and we are for you the viewer and the collaborators to share your creative visions.  We are moved by photography from various locations in the world and want to showcase the fact that it is possible to create content from the largest markets to the smallest markets in a manner that can be seen and enjoyed by our viewers.


Duh Magazine is not driven by monetary gain, nor is it focused in anyway on monetizing our viewership with advertising. If and when that day comes we will approach it cautiously and without a specific agenda. As Duh Magazine evolves we will adjust our perspective to match the evolutionary process.  While we are interested in publishing content from our collaborators it will not be possible to publish everything we receive.   If you are inspired, we are inspired and that is the beginning of the creative process.